Mashie FoodTech Solutions AB acquires the food procurement supplier WZ-Data AB

WZ-Data AB, which provides a solution for food procurement, is now handing over to Mashie FoodTech Solutions AB when its CEO retires. This is to create a better overall solution for the customers. The meal sector is facing major challenges such as increased climate impact and low margins which can be solved through complete solutions for the meal process. WZ-Data will contribute with insights and knowledge to further strengthen the offer.

Mashie FoodTech Solutions AB acquires the food procurement supplier WZ-Data AB

“Handing over to Mashie FoodTech Solutions is the given option” says Anders Zandén, CEO at WZ- Data. “The meal process is complex, and therefore it feels safe to hand over the responsibility to a company that has great knowledge and expertise to take care of our customers.”

Erik Bergseth, CEO at Mashie FoodTech Solutions, explains that there are great challenges for today's meal organizations with increased demands from the eating guests. In addition to tasting good the food also needs to be climate friendly, nutritious and meet regulatory requirements. The quality needs to increase, while price pressure is all time high, with low margins as a result. Therefore, companies need a complete solution for the entire meal process.

”With the help of WZ-Data we complete the circle of Food Service Resource Management to better support our customers both strategically and operationally. They receive full transparency throughout the meal process, resulting in reduced costs, reduced food waste and satisfied guests. Being able to contribute to both better health and the environment is an important driving force for us”, says Erik Bergseth, CEO Mashie FoodTech Solutions. 

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Erik Bergseth, Mashie FoodTech Solutions AB, 073-978 92 80 

 Anders Zandén, WZ-Data AB, 070-513 15 87 

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