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Our platform covering the complete meal planning process and lets you automate, streamline and improve your processes end to end.


You can improve consumer choice while reducing meal costs by more than 20%

You can ensure that consumers get exactly the right food, ensure food safety, enhance traceability and dramatically improve health outcomes

You can cut food waste by more than 50%

You can achieve at least four SDG 2030 goals

You can benchmark your food service operation against others and adopt best practice processes

The process of Food Service Resource Management

Food is critical to humanity. Because of this, food choices have moved to the top of society’s agenda. How the food gets to the plate and the impact of that plate of food on health, cost, happiness and the environment. The problem is that the food services lifecycle is opaque. Most food services organizations can’t scrutinize their processes as they have little or no data to work with.

Mashie’s Food Service Resource Management platform delivers a new data-driven approach that automates, streamlines and improves all food service operations.

We’ve built a central and consistent database of knowledge that allows customers to attack and achieve a diverse set of important goals: cost management, ingredient procurement, meal planning, kitchen operations, food security, waste management and emissions control. We call it the Food Service Resource Management Cycle.

Data analysis and Reporting

  • Allergy management
  • Sustainability monitoring​
  • Cost and budget analysis​
  • Recipe modelling​
  • External data analysis​


  • Supplier & ingredient sourcing ​& scheduling​
  • Calculation and optimisation - eco, cost etc.​
  • Contract tendering​
  • Logistics management

Meal planning and Kitchen operations

  • Ingredient inventory management​
  • Recipe & Menu configurator​
  • Traceability​
  • Resource scheduling​
  • Food preparation​
  • QA Management​
  • Waste management​

Ordering and Delivery

  • Portion management​
  • Delivery scheduling ​
  • Meal cadence​
  • Packaging​
  • Delivery & logistics management​
  • Service​

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